‘Apple and Cinnamon’ Rounded Handmade Candle

Our staple Christmas scent being my Apple and Cinnamon Handmade Rounded Candle. A fruity yet festive scent that is sure to bring the ultimate Christmas vibes. Combining a fruity sweetness with festive spice. The Apple and Cinnamon Handmade Rounded Candle is hand-poured using natural soy wax and contains a wooden wick, that will crackle as it burns. The perfect cosy candle this Christmas!


About The Product

Introducing our Apple and Cinnamon Soy Wax Candle, a tribute to nature’s gifts and skilled craftsmanship. First off, each candle is handmade with love and great attention to detail, showing our dedication to quality and sustainability.

Made with the best ingredients, this Christmas candle primarily highlights the deep, warm mix of fresh apples and spicy cinnamon. Additionally, our soy wax is 100% pure, ensuring a clean burn that’s free from toxins, which is good for you and the Earth. We use traditional crafting methods in our process, consequently resulting in a candle that’s safe and eco-friendly.

The candle is nestled in an eco-friendly concrete holder, blending simple charm with modern style. Its versatile design fits any decor, adding an elegant touch to your space.

The lovely aroma of apple and cinnamon fills your home, thereby creating a cozy, welcoming feel. It captures the joy of snug winter evenings spent with loved ones, making it the perfect seasonal addition.

This Christmas, enjoy the magic of nature and tradition with our Apple and Cinnamon Soy Wax Candle. Whether you’re looking for a special gift or want to make your home more inviting, this beautifully made candle is the perfect choice.


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