Vanilla and Coconut Rounded Candle

The Vanilla and Coconut Rounded Candle is such a clean and subtle scent that will leave your home smelling gorgeous.


About The Product

Our Vanilla and Coconut Rounded Candle is the new piece for your home. Handpoured using luxury soy wax into a handmade neutral pot that can be reused. A wooden wick means the candle will crackle as it burns. This candle would make the perfect addition to your interior or the perfect gift, we all love a new candles!

Complete with a wooden wick this is sure to give you the most cosy, luxurious experience a candle can offer. Listen to the crackle of your Vanilla and Coconut Rounded Candle for a burn time of around 25 hours.

The Vanilla and Coconut Rounded Candle is sure to leave your home smelling amazing! Is there anything better than lighting a new candle? Well, why not treat yourself or a loved one to a natural soy wax luxury candle?

Wax – Natural Soy Wax. We take great pride in our candles being good for both humans and pets. Using Natural Soy Wax this steers away from the not-so-great chemical-based waxes and keeps everything natural and safer.

Candle Vessel – We hand-make all of our candle vessels in-house, again allowing us to use the materials we know are safe, eco-friendly, and durable. The vessels are made from jesmonite, Jesmonite is an eco-friendly safe alternative to resin, plaster, or concrete.

Wick – We use wooden wicks for most of our candles. This gives the candle its luxurious style and also creates a beautiful burn throughout, as well as hearing the wood crack as it burns.

Scent – Combining classic notes of sweetness with punchy and exotic coconut flakes.

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