‘Citrus Dream’ Marmais Mini Clear Glass


About The Product

Marmais Minis redefine the essence of travel through its enchanting range of small travel candles, each imbued with pure essential oils. These smaller-sized luxuries bring a touch of serenity and the comfort of home to any space, wherever your journeys may take you. Crafted meticulously to ensure the highest quality, Marmais Minis utilise a blend of the finest essential oils, offering not just light, but an olfactory experience that soothes the mind, uplifts the spirit, and reinvigorates the body. Whether it’s the calming essence of lavender, the refreshing zing of citrus, or the earthy tones of sandalwood, each candle promises a unique aromatic voyage. Perfect for tucking into your luggage, these candles transform any room into a personal sanctuary.

Infuse your space with the spirit-lifting aroma of our ‘Citrus Dream’ Marmais Mini. This carefully crafted candle captures the essence of a Mediterranean orchard. This combines the sharp, sunny freshness of bitter orange, the tartness of grapefruit, and the zing of lime for an instant olfactory delight. Beneath these bright citrus notes lies a subtle undertone of cypress—evoking the serenity of a forest, and anchoring the fragrance with its soothing earthiness.

Renowned for their robust cleansing qualities, the elements in our Citrus Dream Essential Oil Candle work to purify your home’s atmosphere. This helps to present a clean and rejuvenating environment. But beyond their physical vigour, these lively scents play a vital role in reinvigorating the mind. They’re especially known to foster an atmosphere brimming with positivity and to spread infectious joy throughout every corner of your home.

The humble cypress essential oil complements this bouquet with its balsamic notes, promoting a sense of stability and calm—a perfect balance to the energising effervescence of the citrus blend. It’s more than a candle; it’s a daily dose of happiness, designed to lift your spirits and enliven your day.

Please Note – Marmais Mini’s are small travel candles. Dimensions – 53mm x 51mm

Key Features:

  • Energising scent profile invigorates the senses and mind.
  • Uplifting fusion of bitter orange, grapefruit, and lime for a refreshing aroma.
  • Cypress undertones instil a sense of earthy serenity.
  • Ideal for creating a positive and joyful atmosphere within the home.
  • A beautiful, thoughtful gift for homeowners or a delightful treat to self.

Whether you’re looking to spark a wave of optimism or gift a treasure trove of joy, our ‘Citrus Dream’ Marmais Mini is an impeccable choice. Light it up and watch as happiness diffuses into the very air you breathe, leaving a trail of inspired positivity and refreshed vigour.

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